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Starting this business in 2019 I had a vision - to continue my family's proud legacy of ranching in the Pacific Northwest. Although I was still in high school at the time, I saw just how important what we were doing was. My family, the Hennemans, has been ranching and farming in Eastern Washington since the early 1940's. Over the years we have seen an increasing disparity between the price we receive at the sale barn and the price in the grocery store. Along with that the quality of the beef sold to the consumer decreased - and with that the idea of Inland Empire Beef was born. I set to work on how to provide high quality local beef to my community and being able to continue doing what I loved. From there the system we use today was born. We use only our well finished grass-fed beef from the Pacific Northwest for all our products, send them to responsible, high-quality butchers and then sell our amazing product to you. Explore our site to see our available products and enjoy some high quality Henneman beef!

Cowboy at Work
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